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Brandi Price
Writer/Producer/Director - English Language


Brandi Price is an award-winning actor and filmmaker with a passion for authenticity, a dash of comedy and a whole lot of love.   

As an actor, Brandi is known for her wide range – from comedic to dramatic and back again. She has starred in several indie features including “Rockabilly Baby,” “Between Notes” and more recently “The Challenger Disaster” – a behind the scenes look at what happened with the Challenger space shuttle.

Through her innate sense of curiosity and need to know why and how, she started taking on many production roles as well. Ultimately, producing, writing and directing started to call her more fervently and so begat Baseline Beatnik. 

For her first short, she co-wrote, starred and produced “Committed,” a fan film that traveled with GeekFest and was lauded by the great Stan Lee himself. This short-form piece also won several awards, including Best Short at DragonCon and Best Actor/Actress at several other film festivals. 

Check out her YouTube Channel, Baseline Beatnik with Brandi Price, for more shorts, skits and reviews. 

Currently, she is both freelance producing and working on getting her own original screenplays out to the world.


In her free time, Brandi loves to bike, hike, camp and enjoys curling up with a good book or playing dominos. She's also fluent in Spanish, is learning guitar, loves baking and concocting scrumptious soups!

Aldo Verástegui
Writer/Producer/Director - Spanish Language

Nacido en la Ciudad de México con cerca de 20 años como actor profesional, ha desarrollado su carrera en cine, teatro y televisión, con estudios en México y el extranjero, protagonista de la película "Potosí" Ganadora del Festival Internacional de Guanajuato en 2013 como Mejor Ópera Prima y misma que fue seleccionada en más de 13 festivales internacionales. En su regreso a la pantalla grande ha sido con la película Amaraica la cual le trajo nominaciones a mejor actor, siendo esta misma ganadora del Festival internacional latino de Nueva York. También cuenta con diversos proyectos que pueden ser vistos en las distintas plataformas de streaming.

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